Professionel & Faglig Studietur til Texas USA

Dato: 04/03/2023

- 14/03/2023


Adresse: 11928 Stonehollow Drive, Austin, TX 78758, USA

OBS! Prisen er uden flyvrejsen, forplejning, og forsikring.

The objective of this global learning program is to offer participants a ten (10) day professional development experience from Saturday, March 4, 2023 – Monday March 13, 2023 at ACC to enrich their cultural competency and technical skills through English language experiences within the State of Texas.  Participants will attend professionally relevant sessions during the day that are appropriate for their individual skills development needs.  Cultural immersion activities scheduled in the afternoons and the weekend will expose participants to Texas and United States’ culture.

ACC will provide each participant with opportunities to participate in the following activities:

  • Personally curated industry-centered special sessions to promote professional development
  • Visit Blue Ribbon Austin high schools to tour, observe and participate as possible
  • Tour the University of Texas, the Texas State Capitol and other local areas of interest
  • Excursions to San Antonio, Bandera and the Texas Hill country
  • Experience area vinticulture with a guided tour through the Texas Hill Country
  • Team building opportunities with classes in cultural competency
  • Welcome orientation and farewell dinner


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